Manufactured Homes

Many new owners of a manufactured home are surprised to learn that they are responsible for paying manufactured home taxes. These taxes are distributed to schools and other local governments just like real estate taxes.

Under Ohio law, manufactured home buyers have 30 days to register their homes with the county auditor for tax purposes. A $100 penalty shall be charged against those who fail to register within this time period.

The law also requires taxpayers to obtain a moving permit from the county auditor prior to moving their manufactured home to another location. A $100 penalty is charged against those who fail to obtain the permit.

New legislation enables current manufactured homeowners to decide if they wish their property to be taxed like real estate or like manufactured homes. Generally, older manufactured homes benefit from being taxed as manufactured homes; newer manufactured homes benefit from being taxed like real estate. However, manufactured homes purchased after January 1, 2000, must all be taxed like real estate.

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