1. Application
    A business that is interested in participating in the program must fill out the application to determine if it meets all the eligibility criteria set forth above. A business can apply for up to a $5,000 grant. If awarded, all grant funding distributed as a part of this program must be spent within 30 calendar days of receipt. Grant funds can be used to reimburse eligible expenses incurred from March 23, 2020, and ends 30 calendar days from receipt of grant funds. Applications can be submitted online beginning at 8 am. July 7, 2020, through July 21, 2020, at 5 pm.
  2. Documentation Submission
    A business that has met all of the eligibility criteria through the application will have its application submitted to the next stage.
    A Grant Review Committee consisting of the CIC, Chamber of Commerce, Community Representatives, and the Henry County Board of Commissioners (and/or its designees) will review and verify the application and supporting documents. If the application meets all eligible criteria, the committee will recommend the business to the appropriate Township, Village, City, or County for grant support and level of funding.
    The Township, Village, City, or County will review the application and recommendations of the grant committee for approval, disapproval, or requesting additional information for action.
  3. Payment and Signed Agreement
    Once approved for a grant, the business must sign and return the Grant Agreement within 5 calendar days of receipt by email to Grants. Download the Grant Agreement.
  4. Close Out Report
    Businesses are required to submit a grant final closeout report which is expected to include at a minimum, jobs retained/created, proof of payment (paid invoices and canceled checks, bank statements, or other documentation showing proof of payment of eligible expenses), and a summary of the impact the funds had on the business and its operations. A fillable close-out report will be available on the Henry County Website and will be submitted by email to Grants when completed. Download the Close Out Report (PDF).